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He is still 23 years old.
He is youngest maker at my shop.
He have very interesting sense for pipes.
So, I hope that he is making interesting pipes.

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chamber diameter: 17.5mm   chamber depth: 24mm
bowl diameter: 35mm  bowl height: 44mm
length: 155mm   weight: 33g

call name: Captain Fuuk

chamber diameter: 21mm   chamber depth: 37.5mm
bowl diameter: 37.5/47mm  bowl height: 85mm
length: 132mm   weight: 54g

call name: YAMATO
The ball of shank part made from cumberland

chamber diameter: 20.5mm   chamber depth: 37mm
bowl diameter: 39mm   bowl height: 52mm
length: 144mm   weight: 54g

No.0000   30,000

chamber diameter: 22mm   chamber depth: 41mm
bowl diameter: 48mm  bowl height: 62mm
length: 150mm   weight: 79g

A pipe uses natural material. Because of that, approve it in advance though there is it that a color is different from the pipe which hand actually receives with an image to show.

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S.Arita  T.Arita  J.Higuchi  H.Tokutomi Gajin Miyasaka Okamura ZOUSAN
K.Shimizu HiRo ICHI JanZeman
Shima Komatsu  IKEBANA Tsuge Tsutomu LSA.House

Kiseru(Japanese Classic style pipes)

At my site, the logo of the maker is my original.
When it is used, my permission is necessary.

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